Ukala Medical Foundation

To Provide FREE Medical And Philanthropy Outreach In Jamaica W.i., And In And Around The Community Of Mbiri In The Ika North East Region Of Delta State Of Nigeria.

Objectives of the Organization


  • Conceptualised and Registered in Jamaica, West Indies, where Dr. Gabriel C Ukala is a practicing Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine, UKALA MEDICAL FOUNDATION was created not just to provide free medical and philanthropy outreach to some needy communities in Jamaica, but specifically to benefit the people of MBIRI community in the IKA NORTH EAST region of DELTA STATE of Nigeria where Dr. Gabriel Ukala hails from. Not surprisingly, the inaugural event and free health fair programme of the Foundation was successfully held at Mbiri, from the 21st to 23rd of April 2019.
  • Specific Objectives of the Foundation for the Mbiri Community include:

    • To provide medical consultative and diagnostic services
    • To procure and distribute (periodically) essential prophylactic (preventive) drugs and materials for common preventable diseases such as Malaria, Worm Infestation, Anaemia, Malnutrition, Fungal Infections, etc.
    • To educate citizens about healthy life styles
    • To ensure every child is immunized against common communicable diseases
    • Provide guidance and, where possible, treatment for certain individuals whose ailments require specialist care
    • To assist with funding (when available) for up-keep of the town - including clearing and cleaning the environment and disposal of garbage
    • To assist with providing potable drinking water for all
    • Assist with on-going electrification projects to provide electricity for better health
    • To invite individuals and corporate bodies to assist with funding
    • To develop a mobile clinic (when feasible) for outreach to those unable to come out to the Health Fairs, as well as surrounding communities.
    • To partner with government agencies, if called upon, to provide advice and support during government-sponsored health projects for the community
    • To, ultimately, build THE UKALA MEDICAL FOUNDATION CLINIC at Mbiri, for on-site medical care.


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